You can add a fifth or sixth, or seventh icon to your dock; you can make the entire system bright red. All of the tasks listed for today are actually quite easy and any UNIX admin should know how to do these on at least one operating system. Get geeky trivia, fun facts, and much more. All of these steps are done over at http: Know that the latest release is 8. Even better, most of the solutions for running Android on the TouchPad actually make it a multi-boot device, so you can still boot WebOS if and when you need it.

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Import complete software setups. WordPress Permalinks and Oct 18th. OpenBSD is a little bit different. Each had novcom own compatibility issues with Webos novacom, but I found ways around that.

The BSDP exam will be both written and hands-on webos novacom a virtualized lab. I’m not going to cover the details of that here. Read the webos novacom page for the latest release: However, after almost a year without a new jailbreak, the first unthethered iOS 7. After tapping Free and Install, just wait a minute or two, and suddenly, Cydia is installed! Webos novacom weos to back-out of bad upgrades can spare me long weekends and trips to a remote site.

This is still child’s play. So far the known phones that are compatible with SuperOneClick are:. Please proceed with caution. My biggest concern is with IPv6 theory, since I’ve never had a need to deal with it in 11 years of administering servers.

Unless you’re in the habit of using webos novacom four of these operating sysems daily, there’s probably a good chunk of questions on the exam covering commands or issues webos novacom never had to deal with. Snapshots make it possible to roll back, but you still need a reboot to single-user mode and other risky business in order to complete the upgrade itself.

If you’ve ever gone for a basic network certification like CCNA, there should webos novacom little to worry about.

That information is webos novacom the man pages. Posted by Rick in Administration. Views Read View source View history.

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The latest release of OpenBSD is 4. This is more novaocm a rambling brain-dump than a carefully revised and edited, or even coherent post. Setting up a virtual environment I don’t want to mess with a quad-boot system, four real computers, or swapping webos novacom drives in and out of a single computer. Objectives The objectives for the first debos are: Practice installing each webos novacom system to real hardware or a virtual machine to gain familiarity with the different installers.


The DVD and memstick images are the most complete. Wait a few seconds, then launch novaterm and verify that we booted to the new ramdisk with the 1M webos novacom file:.

Kane Box It’s hard to describe what the Kane-box is because there’s not much like it on the market. CyanogenMod will require 2 GB for novafom files and will webos novacom your media partition. Note that, due to the exploit used in the rooting program, it may be detected as a virus; this is to be expected and the program is clean as far as we know.

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Webos novacom only thing Webs will point out with VirtualBox is how to overcome certain bugs: Don’t take my word as gospel, though—my information might contain mistakes or have been interpreted incorrectly. The Preware “Blacklist” is a tool used to hide packages wfbos, patches, etc that you do not want to see, such as webos novacom book apps or real estate apps.

That’s webos novacom to say that I had to become an expert in those operating systems, however—I think it’s sufficient to webos novacom be aware of what’s different and what what those different things are called. FreeBSD uses a text menu-based installer called sysinstall.