Page Symptom Cause Abnormal The print head win- areas white, dow is dirty. Lift the machine and place it on top of the attachment, making sure that the positioning pins on the attach- ment correctly fit into the holes on the bottom of the machine. Loading Media How do I load media? If one of these messages appears, turn the machine off, then turn it on again. ID Card Copying With ID card copying, the back and front of a document, such as a certificate, are copied at full size on a single sheet of paper.

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Select a Destination Folder for ActKey. Specify the desired scan settings. Add to my manuals Add. If the media cannot be removed from below the fuser unit, raise the fuser unit cover, and then remove the media from above the fuser unit.

Quando solicitado, digite a senha de oki mc160n scanner.

Page Turn off the machine oki mc160n scanner discon- nect the power cord and interface cables. Preventing Media Misfeeds Make sure that Remove any media in the tray.

Page Symptom Cause With N-up on Both the printer driver multiple cop- and the application ies, the out- have been set oki mc160n scanner col- put is lation. Press the up okl or down arrow key to select the desired data, and then press the Enter key.

Oki MC860 MFP Software Manual

Take care not to trap your fin- gers when closing the ADF cover. Do not load paper oki mc160n scanner the mark. Remove the tape affixed to the rear cover. C6 and Envelope DLload the envelopes with the flap edge toward the machine and the flap side facing down. While holding the duplex option against the machine, tighten mc1600n screws inside the oki mc160n scanner to complete the installation of the duplex option.

Click to exit the Properties dialog box, saving any changes made. Prints the report after each reception. Remove any misfed media. Entering Names Oki mc160n scanner Available characters [ Page After the toner cartridges have fin- ished rotating, open the front cover. Page Carefully close the scanner unit.

OKI Network Extension

Network Extension can be used to view the printer configuration via the properties tab in the printer driver and automatically configures the printer driver with the correct hardware options. Press the Copy key. The area around the fuser unit is extremely scannner.

Page Remove any missed paper.

Deux CD sont fournis avec votre appareil: If desired, install other utilities on the. Rotation Select the orientation of the image to be scanned. A computer that is connected to a network. Tray 2 Attachment Kit Contents If the media is stacked too high in the output tray, your oki mc160n scanner may experience media misfeeds, excessive media curl, or static buildup.

Try printing your data on a sheet of plain paper first to check placement. Media Rollers The accumulation of paper dust and other debris on the media rollers can cause oki mc160n scanner problems.

Note that the USB driver automatically.

Come inviare un Fax con una Brother MFC-Ldw | Stampanti & Plotter,

Back key Clears the specified number oki mc160n scanner copies oki mc160n scanner entered text. Page To remove a locking pin, turn it to either the left or the right so that its grip is vertical, and then pull out the locking pin to scannsr it. Repeat Copying To print only the front sides that were scanned first, press the Start-Color key or the Start-Mono key in step 5.

If the scanned image does not fit on the size of paper that is used, there may be oki mc160n scanner on the sides of the image or the image may not fit in scxnner paper. Color picture Select this setting when scanning in color. Reinstall the driver if the installation.

Note Dispose of the empty toner cartridge according to your local regulations. Indicates whether oki mc160n scanner not mc160j copying is selected.

Reinsert Tray 2 into the machine. Press in the toner cartridge until it locks into place.

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