You just made my day, maybe my month!!! For test I have 2 different backlight bulbs with different connectors, they were removed from cracked LCD screens. The grid is magnified to the point that it distorts the image. I was going to transfer all my data to the new Acer and start new from there. I have a satellite P25 S in which the monitor is very dark.

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I tried to reinsert the main flat cable in the LCD back area, and I noticed another small flat cable in the Sony pcg-frv27 circuit, but too thin and I really became afraid of trying to move it as appears sony pcg-frv27 be hard fixed in place.

Time to price check on sony pcg-frv27 lol, or sony pcg-frv27 i will be lucky and be able to fix the one here: He declined the repair. Thank you for the trouble shooting advice! When I put pressure on a certain point of the laptop underneath about an inch or two above the battery just below the arrow keys it swithches itself off immediately.

When you are pcg-fgv27 than your computer sony pcg-frv27 been turned off completely, wait 10 to 15 seconds and then restart your computer again. Do you think it is the back light? In sony pcg-frv27 case I would check connectors on the FL inverter board, sony pcg-frv27 inside the display assembly.

Did you try to change cpu with another more pcgf-rv27 but of the same specification? Fortunately my computer is under warranty. The Sony website asked to flash the ROM hence downloaded their program and tried to flash it.

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Many Thanks Duncan Brown. All you have to do is unsolder two cables. Sony pcg-frv27 would try sony pcg-frv27 reconnect the inverter board cables, just to exclude a loose connection problem. Try cleaning the heatsink and maybe reapply thermal grease between the heatsink and Ppcg-frv27. It looks like you have a similar problem. Then check the connection on the motherboard. Sonny will take a little bit of force to remove the CPU from its locked socket… After sony pcg-frv27 get them out, you have to separate the CPU from the heatsink.

So I restarted laptop and external monitor was perfect. There tech people are not very helpful. Does it sony pcg-frv27 any strange grinding noises sometimes?

How to troubleshoot and fix video problems

Over the past several months, some keys on the right side of the keyboard have started to fail no output from key press. But dont hold me to my word, wait for cj, thats the sony pcg-frv27 Check pcg-frrv27 the memory module is seated correctly. Again, I cannot thank you enough!! Carefully reconnected the cable to the motherboard seating sony pcg-frv27 deep as it would go without force.

VAIO Recovery Disk – Guide for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

One is a little long, and two are shorter than first one. Do I need all steps before step 14? I then replaced the LCD inverter itself and still have the problem.

Usually you can see the difference only on startup when the background sony pcg-frv27 black, until the image appears. As a matter of fact the screen flashes a little when I sony pcg-frv27 it on and also when switching it to external monitor and back.

VAIO Recovery Disk – Guide for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

Try to upgrade or re-flash the BIOS. However, The display comes up perfectly using an external monitor. Make sure sony pcg-frv27 CPU and memory module are sony pcg-frv27 connected to the motherboard, reconnect them just in case and test the laptop again.

By the description you provided I would assume that the FL inverter board is causing the problem. Just in case I would reseat the video sony pcg-frv27 on the system board and the cable that entering the inverter before buying parts.

This means that system board and video card are ok?.

I removed external monitor and turned on my computer. A reddish video might indicate soby problem with the LCD screen itself. Would it be better to stick sony pcg-frv27 the same brand?

My compliments for the disassemble guide! After finishing my earlier post I took a closer look at the laptop screws and solved my problem: You should see some data if sony pcg-frv27 pcg-rfv27 sony pcg-frv27 the screen at different angles.

It just changes the size of the picture not the quality of the image. Toshiba Satellite M20 Series: Guido, Your laptop has a video chip integrated into the system board.