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Remember that you are not trying to remove any material, just polish out surface irregularities.

[PDF] How To Assemble A Desktop PC | Free eBooks Download – EBOOKEE!

When your card is properly installed the line formed by the top of the card will be exactly perpendicular to the motherboard, if one side seems asseble be higher than the other, chances are that it desktpp not fully inserted, press a little harder on the high side or pull it out and try again.

Check the motherboard’s manual for information on how to use these devices if your motherboard has how to assemble a desktop pc pdf download. Wait seconds and it should start. Please be positive and constructive. Consult the manual to dezktop proper placement. If you break a pin on the drive, you will probably have a worthless drive. On newer motherboards with 4 slots, you’ll see alternating colours. Other connections of this type to remember can be power for the CPU fans, various temperature sensors and Wake-on-LAN cables if the feature is supported from the network card to the motherboard.

If it does not, there is a problem and you should immediately cut power as stated above.

How To Assemble A Desktop PC/Assembly

Insert the screws from the outside of the case and tighten. To mount the fan: In general, the default options are OK, but you may wish to set the computer’s hardware clock to the correct time and date. Some case styles make it difficult to install the motherboard or howw CPU with the power supply installed.

The parts we will use in this project are labeled in figure 1: The CPU fan is really a combination of a heat sink and fan together. Screws and standoffs should be included with the case, but it is a good idea to order these items just in case they aren’t included. After you have all of the parts and materials needed, it will how to assemble a desktop pc pdf download between 2 and 4 hours to assemble your computer and you will need to be able to use simple hand tools, such as a screwdriver and a pair of pliers.

A PDF version is available. How To Assemble A Desktop PC is a featured book on Wikibooks because it contains substantial content, it is well-formatted, and the Wikibooks community has decided to feature it on the main page or in other places. How to assemble a desktop pc pdf download they do not fit, check your setup – most likely something is wrong. Make note of the cables pre-installed in the case.

Standoffs are installed in the case screw holes to create a riser that separates the case and motherboard. If your motherboard has built-in video, you might want to use that for this first try, even if you are going to install a video card later. Open the computer case by removing the side panels.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Agreed I clean mine with a simple paintbrush BTW it’s facing the wrong way.

Push down on the module until both levers move up into the notches on the sides of the module. There are numerous videos on Youtube advocating one or another, some with photos using glass plates. If you want a further quick test, before you install an operating system, you may find a bootable CD-ROM such as Knoppix extremely useful.

Make sure that it is orientated correctly. Permanently stored data is pulled from disks and stored in RAM while the processor works with it. Screwdriver for slotted and Phillips head screws Wire cutters and strippers Needle-nosed pliers Utility knife Small flashlight Adjustable wrench Small container to hold screws Heat sink compound Grounding How to assemble a desktop pc pdf download You may not use every single one of these tools in every installation, but it is best to have all of them on hand in case you have a use for them.

It works best to leave the screws loose until all of them have been started and the board is aligned with the bezel.

Generally there will be a bracket on the top of the case where the power supply is mounted and a few screws used to fix it in place. Data cables connect drives and front panel devices to the motherboard.

If you have trouble lining up the screw holes, double check that you have the standoffs in the proper holes on the tray. You add thermal paste only on the CPU, never on the cooler’s surface. The motherboard can possibly be damaged if you try to push it into position with the wrong set of standoffs underneath or when trying to use the how to assemble a desktop pc pdf download set of screw holes.

You should see a “missing” pin on the drive, and a corresponding blocked socket on the connector. Cable access considerations apply to this drive also. Briefly this includes a case with a motherboard in it, a processor and its cooling unit and some RAM plugged into the motherboard, hard and floppy drives installed, yo some kind of video available.

How to assemble a desktop pc pdf download two flat metallic surfaces will spread the paste between them, and it will spread a bit more when it becomes hot.

If it has a assfmble connector, connect it to a 4-pin molex connector. If you install a floppy disk drive, the cable is very similar to the IDE cable, but with fewer wires, and a strange little twist in the middle. Consult your case documentation for details and then follow these directions to install the power supply: With lower quality cases there are sometimes alignment problems and you may have to forgo one or two screws.

Now I know you want to get started, but trust me, read the manualscheck the diagrams, make sure you understand where each part goes and how it attaches. It also makes less noise ;D.

How To Assemble A Desktop PC – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Figure 15 shows the motherboard installed in the case. There may be small metal tabs on the inside of this face plate, if so you may have to adjust them to accommodate the ports on the back of the motherboard. There is usually some indication on the floppy drive as to which sasemble this is.